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First of all we assure you that PAYDAY-LOANS-APPLICATION.COM has at its disposal up-to-date security technologies that form the basis of your security on your site. However, in addition to security technologies the security of your data is guaranteed by our fair and honest attitude to your privacy and your awareness of our Privacy Policy. Read on to get more information on our Privacy Policy.

Personal Information Collected:

Our site collects and uses your personal information, when it is necessary for fulfilling our obligations.

Usually, for our site to bring together your needs and best payday loan lenders the following information is needed: name, address, phone number, e-mail, and social security.

How does PAYDAY-LOANS-APPLICATION.COM gather this information?

-It's simple. There is an application form for you to fill in and submit. Through this forms we collect necessary information about you.

How does PAYDAY-LOANS-APPLICATION.COM use the information collected?

-This information is used by PAYDAY-LOANS-APPLICATION.COM to contact you if you have any questions. This information is used by a lender whom you decided to cooperate with.

Is the information gathered through application stored on PAYDAY-LOANS-APPLICATION.COM?

-No, our site doesn't store your information.

When your payday loan request is being processed we apply reliable and effective technologies to ensure security of non-public personal information you submitted through application.

Remember that PAYDAY-LOANS-APPLICATION.COM works to correlate your needs with best payday loan lenders thus helping you to get a payday loan quicker and on better terms. We are not a lender, but a matching resource passing on your information to the lenders you need, therefore we, by no means can assure you in getting approval. All the submitted information is processed by the lender considering your request.

Your non-public personal information is secured. We never sell or give it to any third party (or lenders outside of our network).

Cookie Use

We do not use cookies collecting your personal information for our needs.

Sharing Information

We do not provide your personal data to any third party. We do not store your personal information as it is mentioned above. If the circumstances make us gather and store your personal information we, first of all, will cooperate with local, state or federal authorities.

Minors does not intend to provide minors with application forms.  We do not knowingly offer any person our application forms if it is prohibited by law.


This Privacy Policy is connected to PAYDAY-LOANS-APPLICATION.COM only, and refers to the information our site gathers. We prioritize your security and your interests are our sole concern.

For your reference: when we receive and transmit your data, we use 128 bit secure socket layers that guarantee the security of your information.

We are devoted to improving our privacy policy and are open to hear any concerns or requests in this respect. Feel free to contact us, we will answer your questions and will be pleased to know your comments.

Changes in Privacy Policy

Any changes of our Privacy Policy will be shown here. Besides, here you will be notified in case of any changes.

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